Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief

Chiropractors have been able to help relieve pain for over a century with their natural, effective care. When chiropractors treat pain, they focus on the root of the issue instead of just dealing with the symptoms. We have a wide range of methods to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort, so we can better treat and resolve your pain. When you arrive at our clinic we will start by surveying your health background. Our staff will seek to assess the source of your symptoms in order to better assist you. Our goal is to help you increase the quality of life to the fullest extent.The chiropractic team at Today Disc, Bone & Joint Chiropractic Treatment Center in Lexington can help treat your pain using proven chiropractic therapies and techniques. If you are dealing with pain or want further information, contact us today for your free consultation.

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Back Pain Relief

Most people will suffer from some type of back pain at some point in their lives. Research shows that back pain is the primary reason Americans become disabled. Many things can cause back pain, including trauma, diseases, and misalignments. For some back pain results from an auto injury and for others it can be small habits, such as poor posture, or repetitive motion and small strains. Add to that the fact that sometimes back pain can develop from poor health, arthritis, or digestive issues, and you can see why it’s frequently hard to determine the exact root cause of the pain. However, with the guidance of an experienced doctor, the underlying issues can be diagnosed and treated effectively to prevent a lifetime, chronic ailment or disability.



Subluxations, or misaligned vertebrae, are a big contributors to back pain. Subluxations can make it difficult to move correctly. And thus disrupt the natural movement of the body and increases the body’s susceptibility to injury and disease. Subluxations can occur at any point in the spinal column and happen for many reasons, ranging from blunt force impacts, to poor nutrition or sleeping habits.


Sprains and strains can affect anyone but are most common for people who participate in activities that their bodies aren’t used to. Ligament sprains are the result by tears caused by pushing ligaments to their limit. Muscular strains are frequently caused by lifting heavy objects, usually with poor form, and can significantly injure the back. Both sprains and strains benefit greatly from chiropractic care.


Regular stress can cause significant health issues, such as heart disease, obesity, and back pain. Fortunately, stress can often be found in the form of “trigger points” across the back. The health team at Today Disc, Bone & Joint Chiropractic Treatment Center is experienced at pinpointing and treating these trigger points.

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Neck Pain Relief

Muscle tissue supporting the spine can seize and stiffen if the spine is out of alignment. This is thought to be a bodily response meant to safeguard the spine. If individuals maintain poor posture it can magnify this reaction by the muscles and result in chronic pain and even long-term damage. Letting neck pain and misalignments of the spine linger is a mistake. Most individuals push through the pain with the hope that it will eventually subside on its own. A majority of the time the pain will subside. However, the underlying issue will remain and lead to recurring pain. By ignoring pain and a misaligned spine, an individual opens themselves up to more dangerous injuries that require more invasive procedures to correct.

Some people think that since neck pain is prevalent it’s normal. Even though neck pain is common, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This can lead to suffering with neck pain far longer than necessary and create larger problems in the future.

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Arm & Leg Pain Relief

The extremities of the body are obviously key for a person’s mobility, with the shoulder and hip regions of the body bearing most of the responsibility. The fact that such a large percentage of our locomotion is restricted to these joints results in a higher risk of injury and forms of discomfort. It is not uncommon for patients that visit our clinic unable to pinpoint the origin of their pain. The list of the possible causes of arm and leg pain is prohibitively long. Anything from overexertion at the gym, to an auto injury, to just sleeping in an awkward position can cause arm and leg pain.

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Shoulder Pain Relief

The shoulder joint houses one of the sockets with the largest range of motion in the human body and consequently is at the mercy of an extensive list of ailments that can affect it. The possible sources of shoulder pain are nearly limitless, however, a significant portion of shoulder injuries are the result of neck and upper back issues, degradation at the shoulder joint, vigorous exercise, and auto injuries. The neck and upper spine are regions of the body that are chiefly responsible for supporting the shoulder joint. When the pathways between the nerves and these supporting muscles are cut off due to spinal misalignments, then a waterfall effect occurs. The result is the shoulder dealing with an increased load without sufficient support As a result of the many different ways in which shoulder pain can develop, the symptoms can range from mild to debilitating. Since the shoulder joint is utilized in everyday tasks it is imperative to care for any shoulder injury promptly and effectively. Even seemingly harmless shoulder injuries should be treat by an experienced chiropractor to prevent the injury from becoming more serious. Obtaining a precise examination and understanding of your specific condition is key to a successful diagnosis and treatment plan.

Symptoms that warrant an examination of the shoulder are shoulder pain that lingers for a week or longer, intermittent shoulder pain, inability to lift hand above the shoulder, difficulty lifting objects, pain at the shoulder joint that increases in severity at night, some obvious indications of damage to the joint such as swelling or bruising, and odd sounds or clicks coming from the shoulder joint when moving.

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Migraine & Headache Relief

Headaches and migraines are painful and affect a great number of individuals. A migraine is often incredibly debilitating, leaving suffers near paralyzed out of pain. A few of the common warning signs of a migraine are increased irritability, depressive mood, and even mild hallucinations. More often than not, an increased sensitivity to bright lights, noise, and feelings of dizziness will also be felt in the moments leading up to a severe migraine.

Conventional medicine utilizes OTC or prescription medicine to deal with the pain. But prescription drugs merely treat the symptoms of a migraine without treating the source of the problem. To treat your migraines at the source, you need to visit an experienced chiropractic clinic.

Evidence shows that chiropractic care can alleviate the symptoms of both headaches and migraines. When the spine is out of alignment it puts pressure on the sensitive nerves throughout your spine. Headaches and migraines are just the start of the havoc a misaligned spine can wreak on a person’s body. In cases where the spine is realigned and the body is able to better facilitate its self-healing, migraines and headaches can stop altogether. And regular chiropractic care can prevent headaches and migraines as well. Our team is focused on treating your headaches and migraines permanently without the need for drugs.