I’m so grateful for the help I’m receiving here for my back issues. Dr. Leo found problems I didn’t know I had, even after x-rays from a different office! Great place, friendly staff. Highly recommend. Disc decompression therapy is the best.
Jackie Wahrmund
I was barely able to walk in when I started and now I am doing all the things I love. Golfing , walking , playing with my grandchildren. The folks here are awesome and the service is top of the line. I highly recommend dr Leo and decompression.
Paula Hanson
Love going there and he has the best staff. Everyone is friendly and take the time to get to know you.
Connie Struss
My experience here has been absolutely great! Their treatment is by far the best I've had for my lower back. Would recommend to anyone.
Matt Finney
This place is great and the staff are ALL so caring! So nice with so many options unlike any other back care facility I have been to. This place is great and I always looking forward to going “BACK” Thanks Dr. Leo
Becky Vinson
Everyone is very courteous and friendly, they are easy to interact with and have always been on schedule. I have been a patient for about 6 weeks now and my progress is better than I had expected it would be at this point. Dr. Leo, Andrew, Brain, Lee and Chris are all about helping the patient and I believe that by the end of my treatment schedule they will alleviate my lower back pain. I would recommend that anyone with back pain go see Dr. Leo and his staff.
Lonnie Conley
I have been going to Dr Leo for years and he has been a savior for treating my back pain. Their office is filled with professionals that are friendly and very knowledgeable about the treatments they are performing.
Colby Davis
Great service and friendly staff. Dr Leo does great work. I never had any idea how spinal decompression changed my life!
Scott Yellman
Just incredible what they can do for back pain and sciatica! So worth your time.
Dr. Leo is highly skilled and is kind and knowledgeable. The entire staff at Today Chiropractic is truly helpful, friendly, and caring. I like the entire attitude of the place and highly recommend this clinic.
Angela Henson
Dr Leo is absolutely the best, I was in a wreck an old man pulled right out in front of me.....I sit and hurt watching his TV commercial, finally I went there and the first treatment was a big change for the good, this Dr. is #1 world class I think God for his ability to straighten my neck an shoulder's up, he's the best, his staff are on the same level the nicest people
Finding Today Chiropractic has been a blessing. After MRIs, physical therapy and cortisone shots I was still having terrible pain in my hips, back and leg. Next step was pain management with epidural therapy. I wasn't interested in going that route but my legs were starting to keep me up at night and giving out on me when I walked. Dr. Leo and the techs at Today Chiropractic set up a program for me on the traction tables. After 1/2 of my treatments, the pain is gone and I can walk with no problems. So much better than epidural therapy. Everyone there is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend trying them.
Roberta Hart
The best experience I’ve ever had at a Doctors office! Dr. Leo and his staff are amazing and very attentive! Highly recommend asking about the Spinal Decompression! Wow what relief!!!
Justin Kyle